Thieves Steal Thousands of Dollars Worth of Glassmaking Tools

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CLEVELAND – Metal tools used by glass artists worth thousands of dollars were stolen from an art studio on the city’s east side.

“They’re made for glass-blowers as our hands, you can’t touch the glass so they become extensions of yourself,” said Eric Hernandez. The glass artist and his friend, Mike Davis, recently graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art and rented a work space near East 55th Street in Cleveland.

On Sunday, someone broke into the studio through a window and stole the expensive tools, some of which were imported from Europe. 

“[They] came in through [a] segment that might only be enough for a small child or, you know, not even, someone to get through,” said Davis.

According to the two artists, police said there’s a well-documented problem with ‘scrapping’ in this part of the city. That’s when thieves steal metal piping, tools and other objects, to be sold for a few dollars at local scrap yards.

“[They] probably got, maybe, a couple bucks for it--if anything--and it’s upsetting, it’s kinda one of those moments where you can’t believe they’re gone,” said Hernandez.

On Monday, Hernandez and Davis spent part of the morning at local scrap yards but the tools have not been found. They’re now evaluating what additional security steps can be taken at their art studio. 

“Bars, any kind of mesh, steel, alarm system, cameras that can be put in as well, too, to the environment, to the building,” said Davis. “It’s frustrating, yeah, it’s a little disheartening.”

According to Hernandez, the theft is a setback but it won’t stop him from fulfilling his dream.

“My inspiration comes from family and, you know, trying to succeed in something.”

Anyone with information is being asked to call the Cleveland Police Department.

For more information on Mike Davis and Eric Hernandez, visit and

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