Notorious ‘Table Stacker’ Strikes Again

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Spokane, WA (KREM) — A prankster, or pranksters, in Washington state have a little too much time on their hands.

Someone stacked a park’s picnic tables into the shape of a pyramid in Spokane.

They also put construction lights at the very top.

This is the fourth time in recent weeks officials have had to deal with the so-called “table stacker.”

They say they don’t know if the stacker is an average vandal or trying to express art.

“I think it looks kind of nice.  It’s interesting.  Again, I just don’t know about the — the lights up on top,” commented a passerby.

“As cool as it is, it’s upsetting because it takes money away from the city, and we’re already on a budget.  It takes time away from people who have to do their job,” said another.

Park officials say it takes a lot of resources to undo the stacked tables — using a forklift and a bucket truck.

They also say this stacking is dangerous because the tables could topple over and hurt someone.