Ohio GOP, Dems React to Romney’s VP

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President Obama speaks in Mansfield, Ohio. (Photo Credit: Fox 8 News)

President Obama’s re-election campaign issued a statement Saturday, reacting to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s announcement of his running mate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Campaign manager Jim Messina said:

“In naming Congressman Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney has chosen a leader of the House Republicans who shares his commitment to the flawed theory that new budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy, while placing greater burdens on the middle class and seniors, will somehow deliver a stronger economy. The architect of the radical Republican House budget, Ryan, like Romney, proposed an additional $250,000 tax cut for millionaires, and deep cuts in education from Head Start to college aid. His plan also would end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system, shifting thousands of dollars in health care costs to seniors. As a member of Congress, Ryan rubber-stamped the reckless Bush economic policies that exploded our deficit and crashed our economy. Now the Romney-Ryan ticket would take us back by repeating the same, catastrophic mistakes.”

Vice President Joe Biden called Ryan on Saturday to congratulate him and welcome him to the race, the Obama-Biden campaign said.

Biden urged Ryan to enjoy the day with his family.

Chris Redfern, the Ohio Democratic Chairman, released this statement on Romney’s VP selection:

“Paul Ryan got his start in politics, as a young staffer just out of college, working for then-Congressman John Kasich’s Budget Committee. Ryan cut his teeth working long, tireless hours for Kasich, helping him slash programs for working families, grinding progress to a halt, and laying the groundwork to shut down the federal government.

“Kasich made a big mark on Ryan, which became entirely clear last year when Congressman Paul Ryan followed in the footsteps of his mentor, proposing a radical, ideological budget that would end Medicare as we know it, replacing it with a voucher system. These men are truly cut from the same cloth.

“Romney as president would be bad enough, but Ryan as Vice-President would be catastrophic and take us back to the policies that crashed our economy. Ryan would pound a sharp stake into the heart of Medicare, and we won’t let that happen.”

The Ohio Republican Party Chairman, Bob Bennett, released this statement:

“Ohio Republicans will embrace the core values of the Romney-Ryan team and support the straight forward leadership, discipline and common sense that this team offers our nation. I share the sentiment of my fellow Ohioan, Sen. Rob Portman, in saying Mitt Romney has made a great choice in Paul Ryan as his running mate. I also share the excitement of many who look forward to the spirited campaign these men will wage on behalf of our country’s future.”