Man Survives Battle With a Buck

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By Kiersten Cooley, KVRR

A Minnesota man has a quite a story to tell about an encounter with a deer.

A huge buck came in the 66-year-old’s yard, and that’s when the farmer sprang into action.

“It was rapid fire,” said Mark Christianson, who wrestled the deer.  “(At) 3:30 in the afternoon, I went out the side door of the garage, that’s usually the way I go, and there he was standing back.”

It was man vs. deer in a fight for the fittest.

“I’m just lucky I’m here to tell about it, I’d say,” Christianson admitted.

Christianson was going outside to finish soybean spraying on his farm in Fertile, Minnesota, when an eight point buck blocked his path.

Christianson said he has deer going through his property quite often but never had one come directly for him.

“I backed up and all of a sudden he went back on his back legs and hammered me with his front feet, just rapid fire,” Christianson said.

The buck’s hooves barely missed his eyes.

“I was just getting hammered so I thought, ‘this isn’t going to work.’  I got him around the neck and I tackled him.  Down on the concrete we went,” described Christianson, knowing he couldn’t outrun the deer.

So instead he ran inside to grab his gun.

“I went out looking for him and he was still in the yard so I shot him,” Christianson said, who was left covered in blood and bruises.

Christianson said he will have more respect for deer now.