Help Name These Snow Leopard Cubs

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(Courtesy: The Akron Zoo)

AKRON, Ohio — The Akron Zoo’s adorable snow leopard cubs have no problem easing their way into the hearts of animal lovers, but there is something else they need help with… a name!

The zoo said everyone who helps choose the names will be entered into a drawing and one winner will win sponsorship of the cubs for a year.

That includes a certificate, photo and stuffed snow leopard toy.

Here are the choices for the names:

  • Tai (tie) – It means “mountain” in Mongolic language and is where the snow leopards inhabit
  • Layan (LAY-an) – That’s short for Himalayan Mountains, where snow leopards are indigenous to, and it also means gentle and soft
  • Raj (r ah j) – Meaning ‘king’ or ‘rule’
  • Kovo (cove-O) – Meaning ‘strong’
  • Sabu (SAH-boo) – That’s Tibetan for snow leopard


Click here to go to to choose two names.  The contest runs through Monday, Aug. 20.

The cubs were born on May 14 and are very special because snow leopards are endangered.

At 12 weeks old, they’re about 12 pounds each and doing very well.

“The cubs are starting to act more and more like snow leopards. They have displayed great balance just in the past week or two and have been climbing and jumping and becoming a lot more adventurous,” said their primary keeper, Sarah Kirkman.  “Their mom, Shanti, has been doing wonderfully with them and has been great at tolerating them climbing all over her and is very playful with them.”

And here’s more exciting news — the cubs are almost ready to make their public debut!

Their first appearance at the zoo is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 13 from 10:15 a.m. -10:45 a.m.

You can see the cubs at the Akron Zoo at that time every day, and as they grow bigger, they will be able to stay out longer.

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