Oreo Goes Out of This World to Honor Mars Landing

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By Eatocracy Editors

(CNN) — Like your Oreos with a far-out twist? The hundred-year-old brand paid homage to today’s Mars Curiosity rover landing with an installment of their Daily Twist campaign featuring a split-open cookie with red-dyed cream and tire tracks to mimic the impression left by the craft on the planet’s surface.

The Curiosity Oreo is not available in stores, but follows in the footsteps of a previous space-themed, boot-printed cookie in honor of the July 20 anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s inaugural walk on the surface of the moon. That’s one small step for man, and one out-of-this-world treat for fans of the classic brand.

This isn’t the first time the Daily Twist campaign has taken a bite out of the headlines. A rainbow cream stacked Gay Pride-themed Oreo drew over 65,500 comments (both supportive and opposing) on the company’s Facebook page and was shared nearly 300,000 times.

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