Pregnant Amish Woman, Unborn Baby Killed by Lightning Strike

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GARRETT, Pennsylvania — Officials with the Pennsylvania State Police say a nine-month pregnant Amish woman and her unborn child died after being struck by lightning on Tuesday.

Corporal Stephen J. Adamczyk with the Pennsylvania State Police tells Fox 8 News that the fatal lightning strike occurred around 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday in Garrett, a town located 75 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

According to Adamczyk, the woman, Mary H. Yoder, 36, was picking berries in the woods with her husband and two children when a storm broke out.

The family ran for cover under two pine trees. Yoder hid under one pine tree, while her husband and children took cover under another.

According to Adamczyk several minutes later Yoder was struck. She and her unborn baby died instantly.

Adamczyk says that Yoder was due to give birth this week.