School District Bans Energy Drinks

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Summer Smith, BN9, Reporting, Courtesy CNN

Bradenton, FL (BN9) — Those popular energy drinks are now banned from Manatee County Schools.

The school board voted 4-0 on the issue Monday night.

It’s all part of the new 2012-2013 Code of Student Conduct. Students will no longer able to get energy drinks at school or bring them in on their own.

The energy drinks are sold everywhere from supermarkets, drug stores to gas stations.

“They give me a lot of energy,” said Derrick Lundman, who likes energy beverages.

However, he said he doesn’t think they’re for everyone.

“Kids don’t need to be wired up while they’re at school, they can be out of focus and it’s a bad it’s a bad idea,” said Lundman.

Some teachers and principals felt the same way. They’ve asked for the drinks to be banned from schools.

“As a school district we’re taking a look at what’s the best thing for kids at school during school day and this probably not on our list,” said Joe Stokes, who is on the Code of Conduct Committee.

Stokes said they want the student code of conduct to prohibit the high energy drinks on school property. He said the beverages sold under brand names of Red Bull, Monster, Full Throttle and more, are having a negative impact on students’ behavior. School officials said the drinks make students nervous, agitated and unable to concentrate.

When compared to soda, energy drinks have about 3 to 4 times the amount of caffeine. Consuming too much of these high energy drinks could lead to high blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, seizures or even death.

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