Thief Makes Off With Girl’s Church Camp Money

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PARMA, Ohio -- Jessica Hamilton, 11, of Parma has a pretty sweet summer job.

"I've doing a lemonade stand for two weeks, and i set it up about 5:30 at night," said Jessica.

So far, she's made about 70 bucks.

Jessica is saving to go somewhere special.

"I'm raising money for church camp.  I am going next week," added Jessica.

But her excitement turned sour Sunday night, when Jessica says someone came by her lemonade stand and robbed her.

"A tan minivan came by and they looked around the box, grabbed my purse, and drove down the street," said Jessica.

Jessica and her mom immediately called police, but were unable to get a license plate.   

The thieves managed to get away with about $500 dollars worth of Jessica's personal belongings, including the money she already raised.

They also stole her ipod and her camera.

"It breaks my heart that she had to learn a lesson the hard way," said her mother, Jennifer.

"I am going to maybe cut grass, and keep my lemonade stand to raise more money," said Jessica.

Anyone with information is asked to call Parma Police.