More Catholic Churches Officially Reopened Sunday

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CLEVELAND -- CLEVELAND - As mass began, over 1,500 stood and cheered.

They had prayed for this day for over two years, but it took a Vatican decree to make it happen..

"We're so happy and we're thankful to God," says Loretta Hall, a 50-year member of the church.

St. Patrick's was one of 50 churches closed by Bishop Richard Lennon and the Cleveland Diocese as part of a restructuring.

Twelve churches appealed to the Vatican, including St. Patrick's, and they won their appeal.

On Sunday, people came back to their church to celebrate its rebirth.

"Today is a glorious, glorious day to be a part of St. Patrick's," says James Koch, a longtime member of the church.

St. Mary's and St. Barbara's of Bedford also welcomed parishioners again.

The diocese has said that all the churches the Vatican ordered restored will be opened by the end of the month.

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