DeJesus’ Mother to Berry Family: ‘Keep Faith’

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CLEVELAND -- A drawing of what Gina DeJesus may look like today at age 22 hangs on the wall at her family's near-west side home.

Gina disappeared at age 14 while walking home from school.

She was last seen on Lorain Avenue and West 105th Street on April 2, 2004, about 3 p.m.

"The not knowing is what really tears us apart," said her mother, Nancy Ruiz.

She believes her daughter is still alive.

"I get up in the morning. I eat my breakfast. But the first thing I'm thinking: 'What is she eating? Did she get anything?' " Ruiz said with teary eyes.

In 2006, police excavated a garage after they received a tip Gina was buried there.

They did not find anything.

Her mother knew they wouldn't.

"You're telling me you're going to look for remains? I'm telling you my daughter is out there alive somewhere. So, for me, I automatically knew that, you know what, she's not there," Ruiz said.

She hopes Amanda Berry's family will be able to stay strong.

"Continue to keep your faith and look forward. Continue to get her picture out, her information," Ruiz said.

She does the same for Gina.

She knows someone out there knows something.

"The students that attended the school on Lorain and 115th, they are adults now. If anyone saw anything, if anyone heard something, please come forward," Ruiz pleaded.

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