U.S. Marshal Service Hunting Summerfield

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A spokesperson for the U.S. Marshal Service said they are taking the reported sighting of Nate Summerfield late Tuesday as a credible report, and are actively trying to track him down wherever he might be.

Columbus police received a call just after 10 p.m. Tuesday from a resident of the Eastpoint Ridge Apartment Community.  The woman was convinced that she saw Summerfield tampering with the license plates of a car in the apartment parking lot.

The caller, who wanted to remain unidentified, told a Columbus television station that she was just returning home when the man caught her eye.

"The guy that was around it was acting a little weird. He was ducked down to the car next to it messing with the license plate, which didn't look right because we never have any issues over this way," she said in a live interview.

"Upon further taking a look at things I noticed that the first three numbers of the tag caught my eye as to what I had seen on Facebook," the woman added, referring to the publicized description of Summerfield's car.

Summerfield, 27, is from Ashland, Ohio but is wanted on a murder warrant out of Dare County, North Carolina.

He is accused of stabbing and strangling his estranged girlfriend, Lynn Jackenheimer, 33, while they were vacationing together with their three-year-old son and her 13-year-old daughter on North Carolina's Outer Banks.

Jackenheimer's body was discovered over the weekend in an undeveloped cul-de-sac in Frisco, North Carolina.

Summerfield returned home without her, dropped the two children at a relative's house, and reportedly told his brother that he had killed Jackenheimer.

Before Tuesday night's call to Columbus Police, the last known sighting of Summerfield was from a bank ATM camera in Ashland where he stopped to make a withdrawal.

The woman who called Columbus Police late Tuesday said she had been familiar with the search for Summerfield because she was originally from North Carolina and had been following the case closely on Facebook.

She said the man in her parking lot fit the description of Summerfield and that she was certain his car and license plate matched the dark gray metallic Honda Civic he is believed to be driving.

U.S. Marshal spokesperson Andrew Deserto described her as "adamant" about what she had seen.

Columbus police aggressively searched the area for Summerfield until late Tuesday night without any additional sightings of him or his car.

Deserto told Fox 8 News on Wednesday that the U.S. Marshal service has had a "very active task force" working out of Massillon following up on all leads they get and that they are "intimately involved in the manhunt" for Summerfield.

Deserto said most of the tips they have been working with have been phoned in to local police departments.

The U.S. Marshal Service has established their own tip line, 866-4-WANTED.  Deserto said tips can also be sent via text at TIP411, key word WANTED.