July 18, 2012

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Hollywood and Dine

It’s the middle of the week and that means two great things: It’s almost the weekend, and David is cooking again! Probably this summer’s biggest blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises, premieres this weekend and David brought us back insider information, straight from the stars. He sat down with “Catwoman” herself, Anne Hathaway, and got her exact recipe for Avocado Chimichurri Bruschetta. Check out our video clips to learn some of David’s tips and tricks.

Check out the recipe here!



Wildwater Kingdom

Here’s another great way to beat this heat wave…spend the afternoon splashing around at Wildwater Kingdom! New Day slapped on some sunscreen and headed to Geauga to learn about the park’s best water slides, pools, and attractions. Wildwater Kingdom is open seven days a week and if you’ve never been – the park is actually where Seaworld used to be.




North Carolina Preview

We gave you an exclusive look at Monday’s road trip to North Carolina! Kristi stopped at family-owned, “Mamma Dip’s,” to learn about their home-style, southern favorites.


Great Clips Minute Makeover

If this hot and sticky weather is making you put your hair up, we’ve got another cute style to keep it off your face. We headed to Great Clips and learned how to french braid the hair framing your face for a fresh summer look!




Southwest General: Summer Pregnancy
As many women will tell you, pregnancy can be tough on your body. Add in multiple days of above 90 degree temperatures, and we’re talking torture! Here to keep expecting woman healthy and safe was Dr. Shirley Bennett from Southwest General Health Center.
Share Dr. Shirley’s tips:
  • During pregnancy, women should be particularly cautious about sun exposure. Too much sun can cause overheating and dehydration, and also skin is more susceptible to burn due to the hormonal changes.
  • Always wear sunscreen and stay in the shade when possible.
  • Also, insect bites can open the door to exposure to Lyme disease or West Nile virus.
  • Use insect repellent with DEET.
  • Drink about eight glasses of fluid a day, more if the temperatures are high or if you are sweating a lot.
  • Red flags for dehydration are dizziness, fatigue, headache, nausea, contractions and more.
  • Edema or swelling in the ankles and feet is common in this very hot weather. Restricting fluid intake does not help. Increasing fluid intake and lying on your left side with your feet up, above your heart, will help. If you develop sudden edema or swelling, see your doctor for a blood pressure check as this can be a sign of preeclampsia (also known as Toxemia).  




Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia! is the ultimate feel-good show that has audiences coming back again and again to relive the thrill. Now it’s your turn to have the time of your life at this smash hit musical that combines ABBA’s greatest hits with an enchanting tale of love, laughter, and friendship.

We got a behind the scenes look with the mother of the bride, actress Kaye Tuckerman, who plays “Donna Sheridan.” If you missed the interview, check out Kaye on tomorrow’s New Day Cleveland! She’s making us the quickest and easiest oatmeal on-the-go that you’ve ever seen.

Also, check out the musical at Playhouse Square, July 13-22, at the Palace Theatre. Tickets start at just $10!

Call 216-241-6000 or visit www.PlayhouseSquare.org.



University Hospitals
Some remarkable research at UH could bring us one step closer to cure for Lung Cancer. Kristi got the details and touching story behind the new research center.
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