Prayers for Roger: Three Months Later and Condition Improving

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Fox 8’s Stefani Schaefer shared an update about her husband, Roger, on Friday.

Three months ago on Friday, Roger fell 12 feet from a scaffolding and is in the midst of his recovery.

Below is an excerpt of the update Stefani provided on her Facebook page;

“The night of my husband Roger’s accident, I remember sitting in a tiny room with my family and a doctor telling us… ‘If Roger survives, he will be here for several months.’ That night, I just couldn’t grasp that concept. I was in such a deep state of shock and disbelief that those were just words and they really didn’t sink in. I also remember thinking to myself…. Roger can fix anything, any problem, anything the kids break, anything – you name it – Roger was just the guy to fix it and make everything better. I thought in my mind… But my Roger can fix this. That was three months today. Months have passed by and Roger is still in the hospital and although I feel I have accepted our journey, I am still in shock. As time had passed…. and as he remained in a coma for nearly a month…. I would sit and hold him and think…. come on Roger, you have to fix this. You have to. I see now, that while he was in that coma, God was fixing him… healing him.”

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