‘World Changers’ Tackle 22 Service Projects in NE Ohio

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BEDFORD, Ohio – Alisha French hopes to change the world, and this week, she’s doing it through service.

French, 16, is one of 19,000 teens volunteering with the World Changers Organization this summer.

“It’s awesome to see all of them and talk to all of them,” she said. “Meeting all these kids is just really inspiring to know that you’re all here for the same reason and you all love the same God and are working for Him.”

The faith-based organization started in 1990. Since then, it has connected teenagers with thousands of service projects throughout the United States. This week, the group will complete 22 projects in northeast Ohio.

“Honestly, my favorite part is getting to go in and meet all the students going in, paying to work on these houses for free,” said Joshua Owenby of the World Changers Organization.

The 250 student volunteers in Cleveland each paid $250 to be a part of the project. The money goes to pay for projects, like a roof they’re reconstructing on a home in Bedford.

“The homeowner here recently had her leg amputated. And so she’s no longer physically ard no longer able to take care of her house,” Owenby said. “But because these students came in, they’re able to do things she wasn’t able to do for herself.”

“She was really excited that we’re here,” French added. “Just really excited about it and happy and appreciative. So it’s really nice to know, she knows we love and care about her too.”

Tori Butts, another 16-year-old from Solon, said the program has become a favorite part of her summer.

“It’s my second year being a part of World Changers, and it just, it’s a great opportunity to help everyone in your neighborhood,” Butts said. “Once it’s complete, you feel so good.”

“It’s amazing,” French added. “We’re here for God, and the reason we’re doing it is it’s from Him. We love other people because He loved us first."