Woman Sues NBA Team Over Beers Served to Drunken Fans

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Fox12 Staff Reporting, Courtesy CNN

PORTLAND, Oregon — A local woman is suing the Portland Trail Blazers and the Rose Garden because she said a drunken fan injured her during a game.

It happened in March of 2011 in a game between the Blazers and the Philadelphia 76ers. The lawsuit claims the woman was sitting in front of a group of men who continued to be served beers despite being visibly drunk.

“The members of the group repeatedly left their section of the arena and returned with more beer. They also purchased beer from the vendors that carried beer in that section of the arena,” the complaint said.

The complaint alleges “the young man was visibly intoxicated, but he continued to drink and to be served alcohol.”

The woman claims one of the men fell on top of her, and says she’s been suffering from a condition known as “frozen shoulder” ever since.

She’s suing for a total of $155,000.

The man who fell on her left the arena with his friends without identifying himself