Woman Stopping Traffic in Akron With Odd Request

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Photo Courtesy of Fox 8 Viewer Cindy Smith

AKRON, Ohio — A woman panhandling in a bikini has set up shop at the corner of Manchester and Carnegie Road in Akron. And the woman is making a rather odd request of those driving by.

According to witnesses, the woman has been standing at the corner on Wednesday and Thursday asking for donations to be used for breast implants.

The woman has been holding up a sign which reads, “Not Homeless, Need Boobs.” The woman has been standing alongside a motorcycle both days.

Fox 8 viewer Cindy Smith says that the woman was at the corner for around 3.5 hours on Wednesday and returned around 1:30 p.m. today.

According to Smith, several drivers have given the woman money in the time that she has been outside.

The City of Akron has enacted ordinances to eliminate aggressive panhandling downtown, according to the Downtown Akron Partnership.

Fox 8 News has reached out to officials with the Akron Police Department to see if the woman is legally panhandling or violating the ordinances. Police have yet to return our calls on the issue.