Missing Ashland Woman’s Family Headed South

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ASHLAND, Ohio — The family of a missing Ashland woman said it can no longer play the waiting game and is headed south to assist with the search.

It has been a week and a half since anyone heard from Lynn Jackenheimer, who had been on vacation with her on-again-off-again boyfriend and her two children.

When Nate Summerfield, 27, returned to Ashland on Sunday with the kids, Jackenheimer was not among them.

He allegedly told his brother that he strangled Jackenheimer and left her body behind.

Deputies said Summerfield withdrew money from an ATM, ditched his cell phone and vanished.

On Thursday, the Dare County sheriff's department is expected to fan out near the area where Jackenheimer and her family were visiting in North Carolina.

Her family will be there to do whatever it can to help with the investigation and maintain hope.

“Can’t keep waiting and waiting before it’s way too late," Jackenheimer's stepfather, Raymond Johnson, told Fox 8 News. "We need to find her now.  I ain’t gonna say I’m gonna accomplish anything, but we’re just, can’t keep sitting around not doing nothing.”

According to court records, Summerfield has a violent past.

“I know he had done things to her in the past. He had hurt her in more ways than one,” said Jackenheimer’s good friend and co-worker Alex Taylor. “If I really thought she was in danger, we wouldn’t have let her go.”

Taylor says just a few days before she left for the beach, Jackenheimer expressed some hesitation.

“I do know at one point she told Nate she was thinking about not going. He got quite upset about that and then the trip was back on,” said Taylor.

Taylor says she was the last person Jackenheimer called on the night of July 3.

“They were actually about to leave the condo to go ‘ghost-crab’ hunting that evening, about 11:30 p.m. they were going," Taylor recalled.

Jackenheimer’s boss at the Beer Barrel Drive-Thru said she is a hard-working woman who adored her two kids.

“She was a big town city girl living in a small town. She was very bubbly, very energetic,” said Emmons.

Emmons donated $1,000 of his own money toward a reward fund. Through other donations, he’s now collected nearly $4,000.

“Hopefully, it’s a reward we can give to Lynn when she calls me and tells me where she’s at, but if not it will be divided up for an education account for her kids,” said Emmons.

Those interested in donating to the reward fund may do so by dropping of contributions at Goodfella’s Pizza, or Beer Barrel Drive-Thru in Ashland. In addition to monetary donations, gas cards are being accepted to help raise money for the Jackenheimer family to get to North Carolina, a family friend told Fox 8 News.

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