Driver Survives Rocks Being Tossed From Bridge

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CLEVELAND - Rob Liuzzo was driving north on I-71 Monday evening as he has many times before - his cruise control set to 65 mph.

Suddenly, as he approached the West 25th Street bridge, he looked up and saw rocks raining down towards him.

"I swerved to avoid them. I missed one, but this second one came through my windshield," he says.

The rock lodged in the windshield on the passenger's side, spraying shards of glass everywhere.

"It's like...getting sand-blasted with glass," Liuzzo says, "I've just been trying to get the glass out of my skin and out of my face."

Liuzzo doubled-back and called police before flagging down Officer Willis Cuevas.

The 30-year veteran spotted the two teens walking away from the bridge and arrested them.

"It's dangerous, it's dangerous," says Officer Cuevas, "and even if it's s small rock that hits the windshield, somebody is going to get seriously hurt."

Two juveniles were taken into custody.

Fortunately, Liuzzo was not badly hurt.

But he adds, "I still feel like I got glass in my skin."