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Cleveland Buzzes with Kris Humphries Trade Rumors

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CLEVELAND — At the Zelma George Recreation Center in Cleveland, the basketball courts are all talking about the latest rumor of a potential Kris Humphries trade to the Cavaliers.

Don’t know who he is?

Humphries is an unrestricted free agent who recently played for the Brooklyn Nets–and was also married to a reality TV star for 72 days.

“I’ve always thought he was a decent player but he got more hype for being with Kim Kardashian than for his basketball playing abilities,” said Anthony Jameson, of Cleveland.

“I associate him with Kim Kardashian! And Kanye West,” laughed Devante Harris, of Cleveland.

But it appears Humphries is also involved in a bit of an NBA triangle as well. Recent rumors have him in Cleveland as a result of a trade that would send Dwight Howard to Brooklyn from Orlando.

“I think it’s a good thing. I think it will be good for the city. Just a change-up on with what the Cavs used to be and will be,” said Maurice Johnson, of Cleveland.

“I think he’ll get a good reception here. I think he should be judged by his abilities and not by his personal life,” said Mary Smith, of Cleveland.

But his personal life is what has made him a celebrity, meaning Humphries could be bringing paparazzi and tabloids to town. Like when Kim attended a celebrity event at Barley House on West 6th in Cleveland in January 2010.

“We had LeBron. We definitely ready for Kris Humphries,” said Jamison.

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