Mother Dog, Puppy Tied to Post at Animal Shelter

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LORAIN, Ohio -- If you think you're hot, how do you think your four-legged friend feels.  Animals are just as hot and vulnerable in this kind of heat and should never be left alone, but that wasn't the case Saturday morning.  A local adoption center found the unthinkable when they arrived for work.

At 1:35 Saturday morning, a surveillance camera captured a white car pulling into Ohio Pet Placement in Lorain. The video shows the occupant or occupants of the vehicle leaving two dogs tied up to the front rail with hardly enough room to move.

"One was tied with a wire rope that had been tangled within the railing," said Michael Luli of Ohio Pet Placement. "The mom, we believe is the mom to the puppy, she was on a chained leash ... didn't give her enough slack that she could lay down."

Less than two minutes later, the car left the parking lot and dogs in 80-degree temperatures. They were left with no food or water for nearly five hours until an employee of Ohio Pet Placement showed up for work Saturday morning.

"Very hot, yeah, that's not good conditions for these dogs to be in.  They went through a lot of water when they first came in," Luli said.

Besides being on the verge of dehydration, both dogs checked out okay and will be checked again by a vet in the coming days.

"The mom is very emaciated. Again, we assume that's the mother to the puppy. She definitely needs to gain weight, she is dirty, her hair is a little matted," said Luli.  "The puppy is a longer hair puppy but seems to be in pretty good shape."

These may be the dog days of summer, but no dog or animal deserves to be out in these kinds of conditions remember to check on your animals regularly and give them plenty of water.

"Don't let them stay outside for hours at a time in this heat.  Make sure they have shade, water or a cool temperature or room to go into," said Jack Crawford Animal Control Officer for the City of Lakewood.

Crawford says most animals should drink at least 16 to 20 ounces of water on hot days but not ice-cold water, as it could shock the animal's system.

"At least at room temperature, something cool but don't go putting ice cubes in it to cool it down a lot especially if the dog is hot," Crawford said.

Most importantly, if you are planning on taking any animal for a car ride, do not leave them alone and unattended.

"Even leaving a dog in a car for 10 minutes in this type of weather, they can overheat," he said.

The two dogs left at Ohio Pet Placement will be tended to for two weeks before being put up for adoption.

If you would like to help Ohio Pet Placement name the abandoned pooches, click HERE.

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