Seal Says He’s ‘Excellent’ Post-Split

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(Photo credit: Fox 8 News video still)

By Breeanna Hare, CNN

(CNN) — Heidi Klum and Seal seem to be moving on pretty well from their publicized split earlier this year – or, at least, they are in the press.

Klum reportedly gave a German media outlet a hopeful response when the topic of her divorce from the “Kiss from a Rose” singer came up, and Seal, who’s promoting a new album, tells USA Today that he’s also doing well.

Seal’s preparing to kick off a North American tour today, and he told the paper that he understands some fans are likely still taken aback that his seven-year union to Klum didn’t last.

“When you live your private life in public, and things aren’t necessarily as rosy as people think, you owe it to the public to speak up,” the 49-year-old singer/songwriter said.”There were people genuinely upset that what they thought was perfect was no longer.”

Seal himself isn’t shedding any tears, though. “I’m in an excellent place right now,” he said of his post-breakup life. “In a situation like this, your priority is your children. As long as the children are happy, I’m happy.”

Klum must have the same philosophy, because she reportedly said as much in an interview with the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

“I look into the future, concentrate on my family and I have to say that I’m happy,” she said. “There are worse things in life than a separation.”

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