Bar Owner Still ‘Spinning’ Over Serving Obama

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AMHERST, Ohio -- At Ziggy's Pub in Amherst, the bar is still buzzing.

"It's been crazy!  My head is still spinning, I can't believe it happened," said owner Larry Niehart.

Thursday, President Barack Obama stopped into the pub for a beer. Definitely not the usual Thursday happy hour.

"I served the president a Miller Lite. I stumbled over my words. I couldn't say, 'Nice to meet you,' but it was very cool!" said bartender Katie Ives.

The president also let someone buy him a Bud Light.

"The patron offered to arm wrestle the president to gain his vote, and the president said, 'Hey let's play some basketball instead,' " said Niehart.

The meet and greet was carefully watched by dozens of Secret Service Agents.

"They were everywhere. It was crazy. At one point, they were back in the kitchen watching the guys make the president's food!" added Niehart.

"It made me really nervous," laughed chef Mark Nagy.

So, what did President Obama eat?

"The president had a full slab of ribs, 36 wings, a large pizza, and a milkshake," said Nagy.

He ordered them to-go.

"I could possibly put that on my resume: I made dinner for the President of the United States!" laughed Nagy.

According to customers, the president took pictures and signed autographs, and even took home a Ziggy's t-shirt.

"It's a great hometown bar where everyone knows everyone's name," said Niehart.

A total bill of $61 dollars.

The memories: priceless.

"It's a lasting impression. He's a good guy.  He ran around, took care of everyone.  It was pretty amazing.  It was a great experience," added Niehart.

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