Grandmother Killed in Suspected DUI Crash

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PLAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A crash late Monday claimed the life of a local woman who was taking her grandson out for a blue slushie. The man who hit them faces his seventh DUI offense, among other charges.

Witnesses say Sondra Oldfield, 71, may never have seen the truck that hit her.

Her car was hit as she pulled onto Easton Drive from Pinetree Street about 9:30 p.m.

The Stark County Sheriff's Office describes the collision as a 'T-bone' accident.

"We were all out in the driveway; we just heard a big, loud ... I mean, it was just the loudest noise you ever heard," said Jamie Davis, who lives nearby.

Davis and her mother rushed over to the scene and saw the victim's 6-year-old grandson running toward them.

"This little boy jumped out of the car saying, 'My grandma's dead,' and we just held him," said Davis.

"He didn't know what he was going to do now without his grandma," added Connie Endrizz, who said the boy kept asking them where he would live.

Relatives say Oldfield cared for three of her grandchildren by herself after losing her husband to cancer last October.

"She lived for her grandkids," said Vanessa Cereceres, Oldfield's granddaughter. "Anything they ever wanted grandma got it even when they shouldn't be spoiled so much," she added.

The Stark County Sheriff's Office later arrested 48-year-old Paul Alan Newton and charged him with aggravated vehicular homicide and OVI. In a written release, the department said Newton had six prior OVI arrests.

Oldfield's son, Kurt Harper, said his mother did not have to die like that.

"She should have gotten older, and you know, she should have been here a lot longer than she was," said Harper.

"He has taken our safety net, our angel that we can all rely on. He has taken the strongest woman in our family," said Cereceres.

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