Sweltering Heat Continues in Northeast Ohio

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Go jump in the lake! That was good advice on Saturday, as the temperature in Cleveland climbed into the 90s and hundreds of northeast Ohioans headed to Edgewater Park to cool off in Lake Erie.

After a hard day of work in the blazing sun, Erica Proffitt came from the sweltering heat in Akron to try and catch a breeze off the lake.

"Well, I flag traffic for a living so I stand in the heat all day long, coming out here was just relaxing, such a breeze and everything is so nice out here," said Proffitt.

Edwin Gonzalez of Cleveland came to the lakefront to fish, and doesn't know why everyone is complaining about the heat. Gonzalez told Fox 8, "it doesn’t bother me at all, I've got a pool at home, I just go cool off."

But it's also been abnormally dry, and local fire departments had to put out a number of brush and grass fires around the region. As a result of the dry weather, the Ohio EPA has now issued a ban on open burning in the state, until further notice. There is concern that the dry conditions have created a fire hazard at places like the Mentor Marsh, where the dry reeds have fueled a number of large fires over the years. Local firefighters are also reminding smokers and people who use fireworks, that even a small spark can ignite a grass or brush fire.

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