Woman Collects 500,000 Pennies For Girl’s Tuition

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CNN Wire, Courtesy WRTV

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana -- An Indiana woman wanted to help her god-daughter go to college, so back in 1997, she started saving pennies.

Faith Hammock got them any way she could, even picking pennies off the street.

Recently, Hammock added the 500,000th cent to the collection she calls "Pennies from Heaven."

That translates into a $5,000 boost to Kyla Gilbert's college fund and she is grateful for the support.

"All this hard work that they've put into me, I had to put it into something else and show them that I'm a good student and they're doing -- they're investing in me and they're investing in something good," said Gilbert.

Gilbert will head to Indiana University in the fall.

With the help of other scholarships, nearly all of her college tuition is paid.

She says she'll use the money from her godmother to help with room and board.

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