Boy,11, Calls 911 During Home Invasion

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HOLLYWOOD, Florida (WSVN) -- A young boy is being called a hero after he called 911 on intruders inside his house.

He was home alone, and stayed cooled enough to get results.

Luis, 11, whispered desperately into the phone to a 911 operator, as he hid underneath his bed.

"Is the person inside the house?" a 911 dispatcher asked the boy.

"Yes, ma'am," he responded.

His dad had left the home just a few minutes earlier to get dinner for the two of them. That's when the intruder broke in.

"I was watching TV. I went to get something to drink, when I saw someone throw a hammer through a window," Luis said.

"That's when he called me. He said, 'Dad, there's someone knocking in front of our house, very hard,' and I said, 'Do not open that door,' and then, a minute a later, he goes, 'Dad, someone broke a window.' I said, 'Which window?' He said, 'The kitchen window,' and I said, 'Call 911,' " recalled Gutierrez, Sr.

Luis said he heard people yelling across the room. Police say as he hid, three teens ransacked the house, stole gold jewelry and caused destruction to two rooms.

The boy's dad says he also called police as he sped home.

"I felt like I was driving from here to Orlando. I mean, it was like -- when the operator told me he was on the other line with another operator, that's when she told me to calm down," said Gutierrez, Sr.

Officers tactfully crept up to the boy's bedroom window and tapped on his bedroom window.

"I jumped up, and they caught me," said Luis.

The burglars got away, but officers were able to track them down later.

-- Fox 8 News and CNN contributed to this report.