Husky Mix ‘Lucy’ Named Worst Behaved Dog in U.S.

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Casey Vaughn and Dana Wachter, WHNS, Reporting, Courtesy CNN

GREENVILLE, South Carolina — An dog may think she has some new barking rights, but her owners nicknamed her “The Destroyer” for a reason.

Lucy’s owners, who live in Greenville, entered her into Camp Bow Wow’s “Bad to the Bone” worst behaved dog contest and she was the lucky winner.

The national doggy daycare and dog services franchise asked people across the country to send in pictures and videos of their dogs with stories of how naughty they have been. Facebook users and professional judges voted.

An 11-month-old, 60-pound husky mix, Lucy’s owners said she has bad chewing habits and has failed previous training classes.

By the time she was 6 months old, her owner Eve Memmer said she had enough with her crate. Lucy did everything possible to get out, and one time, even chewed through it.

It was the photo of Lucy looking at the crate she destroyed that Memmer posted to Facebook, and named “Prison Break.” That picture and story won Lucy the “worst behaved” title.

Memmer said now that she’s a little older, she’s a little better, but still chews on anything soft she can find.

“We have some pillows on the sofas that we call sacrificial pillows,” Memmer said. “She chewed the end of those, so it’s not really the bad stuff like the wood furniture, but if she wants to destroy something, she will put her mind to it and she will destroy it.”

As the winner, Lucy will receive year’s worth of time to stay at an Upstate location of Camp Bow Wow along with free training.

Trainers at Camp Bow Wow said Lucy’s behavior is pretty typical of energetic puppies, but there are plenty of methods to train her, or any dog that needs a little discipline.

Though Lucy was named naughtiest dog, the company said they have chosen 51 “Bad Dog” finalists who will have another chance to win training or other services.