Ohio Legislature Approves Mayor Jackson’s Education Plan

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CLEVELAND — The Ohio Legislature approved Mayor Frank Jackson’s plan to improve the Cleveland Metropolitan School District Tuesday.

The plan, SB 335, passed with a vote of 27-4 and has what the Mayor calls a “three-pronged” approach: passing the Ohio legislation, passing a levy to support the plan and implementing the plan.

Among other changes, the legislation aims to improve under-performing schools and give students access to special curricula, such as Chinese or Arabic courses.

Ohio Senator Nina Turner of Cleveland issued this statement regarding the plan:

“Today’s passage of Senate Bill 335 through the Ohio Senate is a watershed moment for the children of Cleveland and the future of our city. Four months after Mayor Jackson unveiled his vision for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, I am honored to take part in advancing this legislation through the General Assembly and helping to turn this vision into a reality.

“As I have stated many times throughout this process, we had to decide whether we want to live in a city or a cemetery—and act accordingly. I am proud to have been involved in the collaborative process that led to this moment, one that brought disparate interests to the table for the benefit of our students. We chose to come together to rededicate ourselves to the future of the City of Cleveland. We must leverage this momentum to make our students more successful, and our city and region more vibrant. Fixing Cleveland’s schools will take the hard work and dedication of the entire community—Mayor Jackson’s plan cannot do it alone.

“I anticipate the final passage of the Cleveland Plan this week and continued collaboration in the future. By preserving this spirit, we can ensure that we live in a thriving city—not a cemetery—for a long time to come.”

Click here for more details about the plan.

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