Animal Hoarder Ordered Out of Home

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PARMA, Ohio -- A Parma woman is ordered out of her home for 30 days because of citations related to animal hoarding.

On Friday, animal control officers removed 34 dogs from a home on West 54th Street in Parma. Agents also found 200 birds, several cats and rabbits inside a home with deplorable living conditions.

The homeowner, Delores Buckley, has received numerous citations including not having a proper dog license and a nuisance violation. A spokeswoman for the city says the homeowner may only return home to clean.

According to the animal warden, the rabbits are already gone and the birds must be removed by Thursday. All 34 dogs are currently being cared for at the Parma Animal Shelter and are making huge improvements.

"The dogs had long nails. They were loaded with fleas and the Newfoundland was just matted to the point she has to be shaved," said Animal Control Officer Julie Kucik. "With a normal breeder, their dogs are taken care of. Their house is nice and clean. Their kennel is clean. Hers wasn't like that, she was a puppy mill hoarder."

Kucik said most of the dogs were covered in feces and filth. According to neighbors the younger dogs were never taken outside to use the bathroom or get exercise.

Buckley has been in trouble for similar violations in the past.

A judge will now decide if and when the dogs will go up for adoption.

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