Local Police Sergeant: Conan Doppelganger?

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CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio -- A local police officer has become an instant celebrity all because of who she looks like. Chagrin Falls Police Sgt. Amber Dacek recently went Hollywood thanks to an interview on FOX 8.

Dacek was featured on the Conan O'Brien show earlier this week. O'Brien showed video from a FOX 8 story where Dacek was being interviewed. The sergeant has a lot of features that resemble the late-night talk show host.

"There is a resemblance, definitely. We both have big foreheads and red hair," Dacek said by phone.

This isn't the first time Sgt. Dacek has been told she looks like Conan O' Brien.

"The kids in town used to call me that all the time," said Dacek. "I think they thought they could make me cry, or something, try and pick on me."

The video clip aired on Conan O' Brien's show earlier this week. Sgt. Dacek didn't see the show live, but caught a recording of it a day later when her colleagues brought it to her attention.

"I thought the clip was funny. I am not much of an attention seeker," she said.

Dacek has watched O' Brien's shows before, but admits she doesn't watch it regularly, because she is either sleeping or working when the show is on the air.

"It didn't necessarily excite me to see myself on national TV, but I do think it's funny, and it's all in good fun, I guess," Dacek said.

The celebrity status didn't end with Conan O' Brien. Sgt. Dacek was featured on FOX 8 News in the Morning on Friday with Kenny and Wayne.

"I'm surprised that there is such a to-do about just the fact that I look like somebody," she said.

Not just anybody, but a well-known Hollywood Celebrity.

Dacek said she has not been contacted by Conan O' Brien's staff to make any appearances on the show.