June 7, 2012

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Pier W Cooking

We started off our morning with a light dinner! Pier W chef, Regan Reik, returned to cook us Pier W’s Copper River Salmon with Udon Noodles and Szechuan Green Beans.

Get the recipe here!

Stop by for Pier W’s Copper River Salmon Run:
Saturday, June 9, 2012
Lakewood Park
14532 Lake Ave.
Lakewood, Ohio
9am – Registration
10am – 5k Walk/Run




Greg Morton

One of our all time favorite comedians was back in studio today! Greg Morton stopped by to talk about his upcoming show and his Youtube video, now up to 4 million hits. Along with his “Obama Man” rendition, he busted out some great character impressions and even got Kristi in on the action!

See Greg at Hilarities June 6-10.



Moss at the Movies

Your favorite characters from Madagascar are back in a whole new adventure! David got the inside scoop from the voices behind the animals, Chris Rock, Martin Short, and Ben Stiller.

See Madagascar 3 in theaters tomorrow, June 8!



Charley’s Subs

Adding to our crazy, fun-filled Thursday was Mike Cassar and David Moreno from Charley’s Grilled Subs. They joined Kristi in the kitchen, where they made the whole New Day crew fresh subs, french fries and their signature lemonade!

To find the closest location, visit www.charleys.com


Your Health Today

As any parent knows, summer is a time filled with bumps and bruises. Doctor Emory Petrack, Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, joined David to explain when those injuries require a trip to the ER.

Dr. Emory’s tips? Watch your child closely after an injury. Some signs that signify a visit to the ER include, loss of consciousness, fatigue, vomiting, excessive bleeding with no clotting or change in mental status (does your child seemed delirious?).



Men’s Health

Men are notorious for ignoring their own health. So today, Dr. Bob joined David in studio to talk about four important numbers all men should know.

  • HA1C glucose on a RBC –   This is a blood sugar marker, and can signify when levels are high enough to cause diabetes. Men and women do not want an elevated number.  The companies paying for insurance may increase your rates if your number is high.
  • Waist Lines – Maximum waist line for males is 40 inches, female 35 inches.  This is a current accepted standard of maximum limits.
  • BMI – This stands for Body Mass Index and takes into account your weight and height.

To calculate your BMI: ((Weight in pounds) / (Height in inches x Height in inches))  X  703

  • Blood Pressure120/80
    1. Systolic – pressure against blood vessels/pump
    2. Diastolic – blood flow going back to the heart



Marine Week

The Marines are storming the shores of Lake Erie! Expect to see a lot of Marines walking around in the coming days, it’s all part of a week long celebration. Lieutenant Colonel Michael Hubbard sat down with Kristi to give us the details.

Marine Week Cleveland
June 11 – 17
Four main areas: Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, Public Square, Voinovich Park & Burke  Lakefront Airport



Careerboard: Ross Environmental

Another great Northeast Ohio company was in studio today looking to hire! Maggie Kelch and Irene Garsky of Ross Environmental spoke to David about the nature of the company and the many job openings they have.

Ross Companies are based in Lorain, Ohio. The companies include incineration, transportation, and environmental services. They have been in business for more than 60 years, providing excellent service to their customers and surrounding communities. They currently have about 13 openings in their accounting and technical (engineering) departments.

Interested? Contact:

Irene M. Garsky, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Ross Environmental Services, Inc.
150 Innovation Drive
Elyria, OH 44035
440-366-2023 (Direct Dial)
440-366-2323 (Fax)