Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update (6/4)

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Fox 8's Stefani Schaefer gave a quick update Monday on her husband's condition. "Roger had a good weekend," she said, adding that he started doing something doctors were not sure he would ever do again.

"He started to gain control and move his right side, which doctors weren't quite sure he'd ever get back because the swelling was so intense on the left side (of his brain) which affects the right (side of the body)," Stefani told co-host Wayne Dawson while thanking everyone for their continued prayers. "We saw fingers moving Saturday and toes moving Saturday, and now he's moving them stronger.

"We're getting there. Baby steps, but that's such a big thing."

All along, Stefani has been updating her Facebook fan page to let everyone know how Roger is doing. What follows is her complete post from Monday:

"I wanted to share some good news about my Roger. Over the weekend, he started to regain the use of his right side. A few weeks back, he lost the use of the right side and doctors thought he had a stroke. A scan showed it was more major swelling on the left side which affected the right side. He lost movement on the entire right side for a few weeks. On Friday, he started moving his right fingers and toes... and by Saturday, he started moving his right leg and right arm a little bit. God is so good.. and all your prayers are AWESOME! We still have a long way to go... but right now, every day I see such progress and hope! I can't thank you enough for your continued and powerful prayers! blessings, stef"


Keep checking Stefani's Facebook fan page for further updates, and please, if you are able, continue to pray for Roger.

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