VIDEO: Woman Kicks Out Police Cruiser Window

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PERRY TWP. Ohio -- Early Saturday, Perry Township police were summoned to the End Zone West bar on Lincoln Way, where they were told Arizona Saenz, 20, of Canton, appeared to be intoxicated and was creating a scene.

Police reports show officers were told Saenz was "punching vehicles."

A friend told officers that Saenz "hit, kicked and pushed as well as pulled her hair." The friend also told police Saenz damaged her vehicle in an outburst after Saenz was reportedly refused service at the bar.

Perry Township Police Chief Michael Pomesky says while conducting their investigation officers discovered that Saenz had an outstanding warrant from Canton Municipal Court. They took her into custody and placed her in the back seat of Cruiser 109, where a camera captured her erupting in a profanity-laced rant.

The video shows Saenz repeatedly banging her head against a clear partition between the front and back seats.

Officers reach into the cruiser to restrain her, at which time, Saenz is seen kicking a female officer in the abdomen.

Left in the back seat, Saenz leans back and starts repeatedly kicking the back driver's side door of the police cruiser. She is heard screaming obscenities at her friend, threatening, "I will kill you."

"You better get a restraining order on me," says Saenz at one point, adding, "she better press charges on me."

The cursing continues as Saenz shifts across the back seat, threatening officers and her friend, her hands bound behind her.

Officers remain outside the cruiser, hoping she would calm down by herself.

"We don't get this type of call very often. We get intoxicated person calls, but generally they are substantially more cooperative than this," said Pomesky.

"Our goal as an agency is to try and protect somebody from injuring themselves. In this case, the individual is just so out of control that, as you can see in the video, she wasn't going to listen to reason," added the chief.

After carrying on for nearly five minutes, Saenz again beats her head against the partition, then leans back, and with one swift kick, smashes out the driver's side rear window on the cruiser.

"It cost us a few hundred dollars to get the repair made, and we are going to seek restitution in court for that," said Pomesky.

The video shows Saenz then becoming a bit more collected as she sits and waits for officers to respond to what she had done.

Police reports show Saenz was transported to the police department where she submitted a DNA sample. She was then transported to Aultman Hospital for treatment of lacerations on her head and legs from head-butting the cruiser window and cutting herself on the broken glass.

She was booked into the Stark County Jail, where her new charges include felony vandalism, felony assault, and three misdemeanors including resisting arrest.

Chief Pomesky says the video shows exactly what not to do when someone is in police custody.

"She will face substantially more now than what she would have if she would have just cooperated in the beginning," said Pomesky.

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