Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update (5/31)

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Fox 8's Stefani Schaefer gave a quick update Thursday on her husband's condition. She said yesterday was "a good day" for Roger. He mouthed "I love you," smiled a bit and even gave a thumbs up.

The conversation with her co-host Wayne Dawson started after a segment about nice things people do for each other.

"I see so much kindness from so many people with everything going on with Roger," Stefani said. "It just brings me to my knees. People are truly generous and nice. ... It's amazing to see it."

Wayne then recounted an instance where a viewer gave him a candle to give to Stefani. That person and other members of her church had prayed for Roger over that very candle.

"That has amazed me, just the outpouring of support and love that people have shown you and your family," Wayne told Stefani. "It makes me feel good that people are truly nice and they have that love for their fellow man. ... It's genuine.

"You're a beautiful person as well. It is what it is. You give and you give back. You've always been a giver of love and support. Now, it's your turn to get."

To that, Stefani responded by saying, "This has just been so humbling for us.

"(Wednesday was) a good day for my Roger. We go to the lowest of lows -- they thought he was back in his coma on Monday and then he had an infection -- and now, with the medications, yesterday was just awesome. He mouthed to me a few times 'I love you too' when I said 'I love you.' (He managed the energy for) full smiles and even a thumbs up, so that's awesome. I was just riding high yesterday. ... It takes a while. He can't move his right (hand) at all, but on his left, he got that hand up and his little thumb came out. ... One day, he will be (back). I'll walk him in here."

"That's going to be a big day here at Fox 8. There's no doubt about it," Wayne replied.

All along, Stefani has been updating her Facebook fan page to let everyone know how Roger is doing. What follows is her complete post from Thursday:

"This roller coaster ride with my sweet Roger continues... and I am so happy to share with you that yesterday and today we are experiencing the "good" part of the ride. The doctors are treating Roger with two broad antibiotics for this new infection and those medications seem to be working. Just after the show, I went to see him yesterday and spent the entire day with him. He was awake the entire time - which has never happened. He smiled so big at me... even showing his teeth -and smiled with his eyes too. It melted my heart. Nearly every time I said, "I Love You." he mouthed "I love you too." I showed the nurses and they are going to start a little speech therapy tomorrow (they will also start trying to teach him how to swallow - that's the first step in thinking about removing the trach) yesterday we even started a little physical therapy. Roger can't move much at all... but having him sit up and try to work on trunk support is a huge step forward. Our journey will be a very long one.... and I pray we have seen the last of our setbacks so we can continue going forward. The nurses, doctors and staff amaze me.... they are all pulling for Roger and show such beautiful care to all of their patients. They are such heroes. I'll be taking the kids to see Roger tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday. I bet they won't believe the improvement in their daddy. I hope Roger will smile for the kids like he did for me yesterday... that will make them so excited. Oh- also the neurosurgeon who headed up Roger's emergency surgery to remove the left side of his skull to allow his brain to swell the night of the injury, stopped by yesterday and said they might be able to put the skull back on next week. Another big surgery, but think the sooner the better...let's get moving on the road to recovery. Thank you for all the cards and prayers... THEY ARE WORKING! You all have some amazingly powerful prayers! I can't thank you enough!!! All of you are really helping with my strength too.... You are an inspiration for us to keep on fighting! Bless you! stef"


Keep checking Stefani's Facebook fan page for further updates, and please, if you are able, continue to pray for Roger.

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