May 31, 2012

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Paladar Cooking

Executive Chef, Robert Cabrales, kicked off our show with a twist on the traditional breakfast by making “Huevos Rancheros.” Stop by Paladar for their Latin Brunch this Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 3pm!


Comedian: Josh Blue

Former winner of Last Comic Standing, Josh Blue was in studio this morning! Talking about his wife, kids, and soccer team, he got the morning rolling with Kristi. Go see Josh at Hilarities this weekend, May 31- June 3.


Rocks on the Roof

On a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia, we discovered you can have the party to go! We stopped by the “it” place in town, Rocks on the Roof, to sample their signature cocktails and get some to go! The trip to Savannah continues Monday, stay tuned!


Herbs and Spices

With so many flavor combinations, it’s tough to figure out which spices and herbs work best together. Here to help us learn was Catherine St. John from the Western Reserve School of Cooking. Catherine then mixed together an amazing steak rub and chimmichuri sauce!

Check out the recipe here!


Seasonal Produce

Some great foods are coming into season right now! Adam Jones, Produce Team Member from Whole Foods was in studio to make sure we didn’t miss the peak of these fruits and veggies. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and musk melon are ripe and ready to eat!


Get Your High School Body Back

Go ahead and admit…there’s been times you wish you had your high school body back. Well joining us today was Kristen Kirkpatrick from the Cleveland Clinic with this advice:

1) Eat breakfast
2) Add 100% whole grain to your diet
3) Load up on fiber rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and beans
4) Remove trans fat from your diet
5) Cut out the sugar


5 New Accessories for Summer

If you’re looking to spruce up your summer wardrobe, try this five simple accessories:

1. Wrapband
2. Scarves (Cotton jersey and gauze scarves)
3. Collar
4. Stretch head band
5. Summer Bags (Tote bags and foam clutch purses)

Rebecca Levine, designer of the collection “R. Levine,” chatted with Kristi and demoed several ways to add in these items in with your summer style.


Summer Sweets

From summer accessories to summer sweets! Tiffany Poindexter from “Bake Up” whipped up their signature Lemonade cupcakes and showed David how to display them in little mason jars. Visit them in Oakwood Village!

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