Cleveland Heights Burglary Concerns Residents

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Corydon Road in Cleveland Heights is normally a quiet street.

But police say someone broke into a home in the 2800 block while the residents were upstairs asleep.

"Probably a crime of opportunity.  It happened overnight back on May 19th. Residents went to sleep and left their windows open downstairs," said Chief Jeff Robertson, with the Cleveland Heights Police Department.

Police say the burglar entered through a window on the first floor and managed to get away with a couple televisions and DVD players.

"In the summer, when you have your air conditioning going on upstairs and your bedroom door is closed and your windows are open downstairs, it's the perfect opportunity," added Chief Robertson.

Residents of Cleveland Heights were surprised to hear what happened on Corydon.

"I would do the same thing and let my windows down. But now I might think twice about that," said C'erra Vallentine, of Cleveland Heights.

"There's a lot of award winning streets in Cleveland Heights. You might not even see litter on the street,"added Amechi Okacha, of Cleveland Heights.

Police are asking residents to lock up while they find a suspect.

"It's a warm night, you are going to have your windows open. But when you go to bed at night and you go upstairs, close the windows and lock them.  Lock your doors downstairs, too," added Chief Robertson.

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