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Woman Charged After 7-Month-Old Left in Hot Car

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LOUISVILLE, Ohio -- A trip to Giant Eagle turned into a trip to jail for Lisa Ann Aman, 37, of Louisville.

Police arrested her after she allegedly left her 7-month-old son inside her minivan with the windows rolled up, while she went shopping.

It was about 80 degrees outside.

"He was sweaty. His skin was a little flushed and warm. He was crying vigorously," said Captain Thomas Ruskin, of the Louisville Fire Department.

Employees of Giant Eagle said it was a customer who noticed the baby locked inside the car. That customer told employees of Giant Eagle, who called 9-1-1.

The customer then waited by the car until rescuers arrived.

Ruskin was one of the rescuers. He says a firefighter-paramedic used tools to unlock the minivan in about 30 seconds, and then put the baby in an ambulance.

"Started immediately cooling the baby, we removed his clothing, it was soaked with sweat, and then proceeded to cool the baby," Ruskin said, adding he never saw Aman because he was caring for the baby.

But police were waiting for her when she came back to the car about 20 minutes later.

Aman was arrested for misdemeanor child endangering.

Court records show she was released on bond.

Fox 8 News went to Aman's home, but we were told by a woman through a screen door that they did not want to talk.

"That is a very, very dangerous situation. Thirty minutes longer, 45 minutes longer, it could have been a different outcome," Ruskin said.

The temperature inside vehicles can skyrocket 20 or 30 degrees warmer than it is outside in just minutes, Ruskin said.

"Take the extra couple of seconds, minute, get your child out of the car seat and take him into the store with you," he said.

The baby was treated at a hospital and released to his father, police and firefighters said.

Aman is due to be arraigned in court Thursday morning.