Suspected Father, Daughter Drug Dealers Contact Police After Botched Deal

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Mentor Police have charged Walter Asuma, 52, with a felony count of aggravated trafficking in drugs following a botched drug deal he initiated on May 20, 2012.

MENTOR, Ohio — A high-speed car chase and foot-chase inadvertently led to two suspected drug dealers incriminating themselves.

According to Sgt. Richard Slovenkay with the Mentor Police Department, Walter Asuma, 52, and his daughter Jessica Asuma-Barty, 18, both of Mentor, were taken into custody on May 20, 2012 on numerous charges related to a drug deal gone bad.

Slovenkay says that Asuma had been in contact with 26-yer-old Timothy Lunato of Eastlake in an effort to sell Lunato prescription Percocet pills. 

The men agreed to meet at a gas station in Mentor, and according to a police report on the incident, Asuma’s daughter, Jessica, drove her father to make the drug deal.

Slovenkay says after receiving the pills from Asuma, Lunato jumped in his vehicle and drove from the area. Asuma’s daughter followed and a high-speed chase began.

Slovenkay says that Mentor Police began receiving calls of a car chase around 11:13 a.m.

The chase continued until Lunato stopped his vehicle near the intersection of Lake Shore and Andrews Road. 

Slovenkay says Lunato got out of the vehicle and attempted to run from the scene with the drugs. Asuma-Barty gave chase and neighbors in the area began calling police as they watched the scene unfold.

Slovenkay says Lunato eluded Asuma-Barty and eventually ran back to his vehicle. 

One neighbor in the area had Mentor Police on the phone as she ran towards the scene of the incident. The neighbor, thinking Asuma-Barty was in danger, was able to catch up with her and hand her the phone.

According to Slovenkay, Asuma-Barty then told police that she had been robbed and needed assistance.

Officers responded to the scene and quickly figured out what had actually taken place and both Asuma-Barty and her father were arrested.

Mentor Police later charged Asuma with a felony count of aggravated trafficking in drugs and his daughter with permitting drug abuse and possession of criminal tools.

Slovenkay says Lunato was later contacted by police and he surrendered to authorities on charges of aggravated robbery, theft, drug possession, possession of criminal tools and assault.

All parties charge have already had their initial arraignments and have court dates pending.