Justices Decline Case of Police Taser Use on Pregnant Woman

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(Photo credit: CNN)

By Bill Mears, CNN Supreme Court Producer

WASHINGTON — A “defiant” pregnant woman who was subjected to three Taser stun gun shocks by law enforcement officers after refusing to sign a speeding ticket will not get her appeal addressed by the Supreme Court.

The justices without comment rejected separate petitions from both Malaika Brooks and the Seattle Police officers sued for excessive force.

The court also rejected a similar appeal from a separate plaintiff.

Hundreds of such Taser-related lawsuits have been working their way through lower state and federal courts, but the Supreme Court so far has refused to address the issue of what the officers call “a useful pain technique.”

The cases are Daman v. Brooks (11-898); Brooks v. Daman (11-1045); Agarano v. Mattos (11-1032); and Mattos v. Agarano (11-1165).

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