Bear Takes Leisurely Dip in Backyard Pool

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KTLA Reporting, Courtesy CNN

MONROVIA, California — Two sisters in Monrovia were shocked to find a big bear taking a dip in their family’s backyard infinity pool.

The two teens, Rachel and Valerie Gasparini, were alone in the kitchen of their Monrovia home when they spotted the animal.

The girls started shooting video, but from a safe distance inside the house.

“It kind of like walks over to the pool, and we thought it was gonna drink some water,” Rachel said.

“It ends up jumping over the ledge, and it’s kind of like floating around there, chilling.”

They said the bear — which they named “Larry” — was sitting on the built-in underwater stools and enjoying the view.

The teens said the bear took its time, and didn’t seem too threatening, but they weren’t going to find out.

They called their parents, but never called 911.

“It wasn’t any making a ruckus or it wasn’t like destroying things in our backyard, so we didn’t really feel the need to call anybody,” Valerie explained.

“Ya, it was more of entertainment than a scare,” Rachel added.

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