Mom Questioned Following Chagrin Falls AMBER Alert

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CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio -- An AMBER Alert issued for three young girls, who disappeared on Monday with their mother, was canceled when the children were found safe and sound in Pennsylvania.

Their mother, Tatyana Edwards, 33, was being questioned by Pennsylvania State Police, but has not been charged with a crime.

The story began to unfold on Monday morning, when Chagrin Falls police were called to a home on East Washington Street, by a man who said that while he was taking a shower, his estranged wife had taken their three daughters and had left for Pennsylvania in her minivan.

He also indicated she might have a gun and pose a threat to the children.

Police said they had already been investigating allegations that the children, ages two, four and ten, had been abused by their mother, so they decided to issue an AMBER Alert.

Sgt. Amber Dacek told Fox 8 News, "Anytime a parent would express concern that their children might be in danger, and it's considered a credible threat, past allegations of abuse being something that we would take into consideration, our primary concern is to find the children and make sure they're okay."

When police were able to make contact with Tatyana Edwards on her cell phone, she indicated that the children were safe and that she had a legal right to take them to Pennsylvania.

Edwards told investigators where she was, and Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched and found the three girls with their mother.

They had not been harmed and the AMBER Alert was canceled.

Edwards was taken into custody for questioning.

When asked if a crime had been committed, Chagrin Falls Police Sgt. Andy Capwill told Fox 8, “Not that we know of yet, but the investigation is still continuing.”

And when asked if Edwards had a gun, Sgt. Capwill said, “There's been confirmation of her being armed."

Fox 8 News went to the family home to talk to the children's father about them being found safe, and the allegations that he had made about his estranged wife.

He said, "I’ve got to talk to the police before I talk to anybody.”

Late Monday, Chagrin Falls Police said the two- and four-year-old girls would be returning to Chagrin Falls with their father, and that the ten-year-old would be staying with a grandparent in Pennsylvania.

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