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STARK COUNTY, Ohio -- The Stark County coroner's office confirmed that 10 people have died from pulmonary problems in the past 72 hours.

An investigator with the coroner's office said in some cases, high heat and humidity played a role for people with pre-existing lung diseases.

"That is a tragedy, especially on a Memorial Day weekend, that is a tragedy," said Philip Bennett.

Bennett and his family spent the afternoon in the shade at Schneider Park in Plain Twp. for a birthday celebration.

"It's kind of amazing, this time of year, it is May, it is so hot out here," he added.

Dr. Eric Goldblatt with University Hospitals said when temperatures are soaring, it doesn't take much to compromise your health.

"Lungs are hydrated through your mouth. Sometimes if you're dehydrated, if you're taking medications, you can have less lung humidity that can affect your breathing," said Dr. Goldblatt.

He added no matter what your age, always pay attention to your body's warning signs.