Hire Our Troops: A Fox 8 Initiative for Some of America’s Bravest

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CLEVELAND -- Fox 8 is proud to announce a brand new campaign in support of Northeast Ohio’s veterans.

It’s called “Hire Our Troops,” and launches Memorial Day Monday, May 28th.

Fox 8 staffers consulted various government agencies searching for the best way to help out veterans returning home from service and learned that many need jobs.

“It’s a life changing experience when you get deployed and  what was perfect before they departed now it doesn’t have the same meaning to them,” said Mike Francomb, RecruitMilitary, LLC, Senior V.P.

As an Army Captain and veteran of the Gulf War, Cpt. Francomb knows first hand the challenges of re-integrating into civilian life.

He says, that’s why  he joined RecruitMilitary 13 years ago to help veterans find good jobs. RecruitMilitary is now joining forces with Fox 8 for the Hire Our Troops program.

“Something all of us at RecruitMilitary are very passionate about,” said Cpt. Francomb.

And the need is great.

Each year over 200,000 veterans return home from active duty service with another  10,000 - 50,000 National Guardsmen and Reservists. They all must re-acclimate to civilian life and they all need jobs.

“Hire Our Troops” will attempt to bridge the gap or current disconnect between corporations and military personal.

“We knew there were a lot of great people coming back off of deployment looking for jobs and getting inserted into the civilian workforce but there just wasn’t a good connection point there as far as how do we get the word out that we have these jobs and we’d like to talk to you,” said Linda Gray, Manager of Talent Acquisitions for Weltman, Weinberg and Reis, a creditors rights law firm headquartered in Cleveland for 82 years.

“We have 59 open positions and 50 are right here in Cleveland,” said Gray.

Gray worked closely with the  Fox 8 team developing  the “Hire Our Troops” program.

She says their firm is interested in hiring a number of veterans in various positions from tech positions to human resources or debt counselors.

She says, right now is a fantastic time to be job hunting in the Cleveland market.

“Right now employment is up ticking in this market…so a lot of employers have a lot of jobs and the war on talent is here.”

She says, veterans make great candidates for employment because with their training they have a “natural high integrity, strong work ethic and commitment to a cause.”

Another Fox 8 partner and integral part of the Hire Our Troops campaign is Aaron Grossman, Alliance Staffing Solutions, President.

His brother is a veteran

“These are people who really give their lives every day while they’re in service to protect our freedom so I think there is some ownership on our part to help them when they get out of service,” said Grossman.

His company works with over 400 businesses and last year connected over 7,000 people with employment opportunities.

He says, his company is ready to focus on veterans.

“We are calling it our AMPs program which stands for Alliance Military Placement Solutions,” said Grossman, “We’re looking to find ways to connect businesses and to  help translate the types of jobs that are being worked within the military to their opportunities  they have right now.”

Grossman says many veterans have learned skills while serving in the military that can be transferable to current opportunities in the marketplace.

Grossman says, “It can be anything from engineering, plumbing, mechanics, electricians or service techs and fields of that nature.”

The announcement of “Hire Our Troops” is already having a positive effect on veterans looking for employment.

People like Army SSG Andrew Schmitt who spent 9 years serving his country and served 2 tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I want to be in NE Ohio I want to be around family. I love it here,” says SSG Schmitt.

Linda Gray calls it, “A win win situation. WE get top talent and they get great jobs and can move up through an organization.”

For more information on the hire our troops employment opportunities, click here.

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