1,500 Take Part in Firefighters Memorial Ride

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CLEVELAND -- Hundreds gathered at the Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Sunday to remember firefighters who lost their lives to save others.

Eighty-three firefighters from across the country died in the line of duty last year. No new names will be added to the Cleveland Memorial this year.

Following the ceremony, 1,500 riders hopped on their motorcycles for the 8th annual Firefighters Memorial Ride. The 40-mile trip takes them past different fire houses in Northeast Ohio.

Cleveland Fire Dept. Captain and Treasurer of the Firefighters Memorial Society says it is all part of paying tribute to fallen firefighters.

"We want to do something to give back to guys who are no longer here, to give back to their families," Capt. Bowman said.

The Memorial Ride serves as the main fundraiser for the Firefighters Memorial Society. Monies raised go to remember all their fallen brothers.

"We also have guys that have died from cancer or off-duty injuries or other things. We have given monies to their families," Capt. Bowman said.

And, it is that sense of family -- that brotherhood -- that brings these firefighters together.  Retired Cleveland Fire Lt. Tom Perk said that is the main reason they come back every year.

"It's because of our brothers in Arms. And, we want to never forget them," Perk said.

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