Alien Enthusiasts Wanted to Track Down ET

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HAT CREEK, Calif. (FOX NEWS) -- If you think the "truth is out there" about extraterrestrials, you might want to hear this: Amateur astronomers are being recruited to help find evidence of alien life.

In fact, many scientists say it's just a matter of time before humans find proof that aliens exist. Now, anyone can get in on the hunt.

"All you need is a computer, internet access, and the desire to help out," said SETI astronomer Seth Shostak.

SETI stands for the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. The group is looking for citizen scientists to help unscramble billions of radio signals, isolating those coming from earth or space satellites from sources out of this world.

"We're looking for a signal that simply says one thing: There's somebody out there clever enough to have built a radio transmitter," said Shostak.

Right now, 42 radio telescopes in northern California are gathering data from star systems that scientists have determined could contain earthlike planets. But there are too many signals for SETI's computers to analyze alone. That's why the data is being posted online.

Those interested in the research can view the information for free on    

Nearly 60,000 volunteers have already examined millions of pieces of data.

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  -- Information and reporting from FOX NEWS reporter Claudia Cowan. Fox 8 News contributed to her report.