Polar Express Train Vandalized

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DENNISON, Ohio — Two teens are accused of causing thousands of dollars in damage to the "Polar Express" train cars in Dennison.

The Tuscarawas County prosecutor will not release surveillance video because one of the teens is a minor. According to the Dennison Police Chief, after the boys were identified on the video, they admitted they destroyed the windows because "they were bored."

The two teen suspects, ages 14 and 18, are both from Tuscarawas County. Thursday morning, employees at the "Dennison Railroad Depot Museum" discovered nearly 30 train windows had been shattered.

"We have three operating cars that we store here. One is owned by us, two are privately owned and our car suffered the most damage, it had about 28 windows broken, severe damage," said Museum Director Wendy Zucal. "The Polar Express is our biggest fundraiser, it's our biggest portion of the budget so it's sad to see so much work damaged so quickly."

Charlene Kehl said, "I personally work on the North End of the ride and boy to see those little faces pressed up against there and to see the magic for those little children, this is just devastating for something like this to happen."

Several boulders were also discovered inside "Berni's Italian Restaurant" just a few blocks away. Owner Joe Berni said, "It's very disheartening. I don't understand what the purpose of vandalism is, never really understood that."

Although the store window has been replaced, the train windows will take a lot of time and money to fix.

"Since these are railroad cars, they have to have glass that is approved by the Federal Railroad Administration. We are liable to answer all their requirements, the windows are curved, that makes them even more expensive, they have to be glazed," said Zucal.

Once the damage estimates are complete, the prosecutor will decide if the teens will face felony charges.

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