Akron Police Make Arrest in Armed ATM Robbery

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AKRON, Ohio – In the pre-dawn hours of May 15th, Amanda Salem of Cuyahoga Falls says she stopped at an ATM in Akron because she wanted to withdraw $20 for gas.

Security video shows her standing outside a Kenmore Boulevard bank when a man walks up and puts a gun in her side as others surround them.

"He said give me all your money, the others were just standing there staring at me making sure I didn't take off," said Salem. "Then he held the gun to my head and started banging on the ATM trying to get the money to withdraw faster."

Salem, 23, said at the moment all she could think about was her 7-month old son who was at home.

"I just thought about my son, my son you know holding him and just wanting to go home and I said 'you can just have everything I don't care you can take everything i just love my son and I want to go home," said Salem.

Salem says the thieves took her $20, grabbed her purse and ran.

Police posted the surveillance video on YouTube hoping someone could identify the gunman.

"Today's day and age with social media using Facebook, Twitter, Nixle, whatever, it's a faster way to get the message out to the general public," said Akron Lieutenant Rick Edwards.

Fox 8 then aired the youtube video and Edwards says within hours police got credible tips identifying a 17-year old suspect.

After getting warrants police arrested Derek Love of Akron on felony warrants for aggravated robbery with a weapon and parole violations out of juvenile court. Police reports say Love had a loaded handgun in his right front pants pocket at the time of his arrest.

"I'm very thankful for Fox 8 news and YouTube and the Akron Police Department for putting the videos out there," said Salem.

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