Vigil Held for Lakewood Student Killed Last Month

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CLEVELAND -- Exactly one month after a teenager was shot and killed, his family and friends returned to the scene to demand justice.  The young man’s killer has still not been caught.

On Tuesday evening, family and friends of Sherwon Wanzo marched through the neighborhood where the 18-year-old Lakewood High School senior lost his life.

"I haven't had a peaceful night since this happened, especially with the guy running around that done it, and it doesn't seem like too much is getting done about it, so we hoping this basically opens people's eyes or mouths so somebody will talk and say who done this," said Wanzo’s father, Carlos Price.

"He was going to the military, his prom was Saturday.  Somebody stole that joy from me, some coward took that from me and my son, so I'm just hoping that somebody will speak up and say something," said his mother, Tara Price.

Just before 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 15, Wanzo was shot to death after leaving a party on Bosworth Road on Cleveland's west side.  Police said he and a friend stopped their vehicle near Thrush Avenue to speak to someone, and that person shot Wanzo, who was the passenger, in the head.

"You can't tell me six shots rang out and nobody saw anything, there's no way," his mother said.

Tuesday evening's march ended at the spot where Sherwon lost his life, where his family and friends held a brief candlelight vigil.

"He was raised really good and he was always there for everybody, and his smile just light up a whole room, like he was amazing," said a friend, Mandisa Miles.

"I definitely want everybody to remember my son's big smile, you know, he was a very energetic, funny.  He was actually just a very good kid," said Carlos Price.

Price's loved ones hope someone can feel their pain and help ease it by helping get his killer off the street.

Wanzo’s family said police have not told them of any new leads in the case.