Cited for Speeding at 103 MPH, Cribbs and Prosecutors Reach Deal

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Josh Cribbs FOX 8 image

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns wide receiver and kick returner Josh Cribbs reached an agreement with prosecutors related to a speeding citation he received last month.

Cribbs, on Tuesday, pleaded no contest and was found guilty of speeding. He was fined $150 for going 89 mph in a 60-mph zone. On the night of April 20, he was cited for driving 103 mph.

As part of the deal, two points will be on Cribbs’ driving record. Originally, there was a four-point penalty.

The Browns star paid a total of $300 — $140 in court costs and a $10 continuance fee in addition to the fine.

“Josh was speeding, and was cited by the sheriff’s department. He acknowledged his responsibilities, and was treated like anyone else who got a speeding ticket,” Cribbs’ attorney Pat D’Angelo tells Fox 8 News. “Plea negotiations are a common staple to move cases through the judicial system.”

According to a copy of the speeding ticket obtained by Fox 8 News, Cribbs was driving on Interstate 71 near Fulton Avenue in a 2010 Bentley when he was clocked going 43 mph over the posted speed limit.

On the Monday after the incident in question, Cribbs tweeted the following regarding his ticket: